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We are a team that lives and works with water. Vislift is the first company that exclusively specializes in fish passages. Some of our team have enjoyed long study programmes and others have been standing with their feet in the water for years, bringing together a combination of knowledge and practice for you and the fish. All Vislift team members have the ambition with the point of view of fish welfare.

The innovative Vislift team consists of ecologists, water managers, ICT application developers, anglers and hydraulic engineers. All with the aim of contributing to fish migration and fish stock improvement. A fish migration bottleneck is almost always a water work or a water management system. That is why the Vislift team has a great deal of knowledge of these structures and how they work, with the associated automation, control, ICT and water management.

We think of practical, efficient solutions for you. For specific knowledge that might not be present within the Vislift team, we have a very close cooperation with various aquatic ecologists, scientists, knowledge institutes and consultancies. Vislift is also supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The Vislift team always has a solution for your fish migration bottleneck!

Involved with Vislift

"Fish that migrate upstream and encounter barriers will now be assisted by the Smart Fishlift - a new type of fish passage."

"With a revolutionary new design, the Smart Fishlift takes up less space than traditional fish passages."
“De passage gaat enorm veel data opleveren voor waterschappen. Zo houdt het niet alleen de waterstanden en waterkwaliteit in de gaten, maar worden ook allerlei gegevens van passerende vissen opgeslagen."

Vislift and Visadvies are working together on an automated fish migration data system for use in the Smart Fishlift. Practical and theoretical knowledge is also exchanged.

The new technological Smart Fish Lift is supported by the World Wildlife Fund. Marius Brants of WWF is also of the opinion that fish passages such as the Smart Fish Lift should make more use of the new digital world.

Students from TU-Delft (Delft University of Technology) under the direction of Professor of Hydrology Willem Luxembourg study optimal flow patterns and turbulent zones for the ultimate flow of the Smart-Vislift.

WaterWindow has presented the Smart Fish Lift as a solution to the fish migration problem. You can also schedule an appointment on location here.

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