Plug & Play plaatsing

With the Smart Vislift, the achievement of the fish migration targets is within reach. You pass on your migration bottleneck, and we'll take care of it for you.

A fish passage developed according to the wishes of the water and water level manager. During the design sessions, water level managers very much wanted a fish passage that could be placed without damming the watercourse and preferably no sheet piling constructions.

Ecologists very much want a fish passage that can be placed without having to pump the watercourse dry so that no fish die from pumps, ecology and organisms can be lost.

Vislift has taken these wishes into account during the design process. The result is a prefab standardized Plug&Play fish passage designed to be placed anywhere in no time at all. This without drying watercourses and ensuring the water flow during the work.

The upstream swim tube can be drilled through a barrier, regardless of the type and material of the barrier. If possible, the outlet tube can even be dug around barriers. Due to the design and construction type, there is virtually no permit procedure for the water manager to go through, so projects can be arranged and executed quickly.

Timelapse bouw Vislift

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