The Smart Fishlift

An intelligent Fish Passage

The accessibility of spawning and juvenile habitats for fish has now become a permanent feature of European and national policy. However, in many cases a water system can no longer do without water management objects. Due to climate change, subsidence and rising sea levels, water managers have to build more and more water management systems, which will put pressure on the naturally free fish migration routes and almost completely eliminate them.

Research has shown that fish in Europe 'bump their nose' at an object or barrier every kilometre on average. This has contributed to the fact that the fish (species) stock has declined enormously and that there are even fish species that are threatened with extinction. This while population growth is on the increase and the improvement of fish stocks is of emphatic social and ecological importance.

Practice shows that existing fish passages do not always deliver the desired result. They are often clogged with dirt, the passages are closed or open too far. Due to the fluctuation of the water level within the target levels, traditional fish passages therefore almost never have the correct fish migration flow rate. The flow velocity in the fish passage, on the other hand, listens very precisely; a fish passage attempts to imitate a natural fish migration.

The Smart Fishlift provides the solution to the current problem in fish migration plus the added intelligence enables water quality control and knowledge enhancement.


Extra grote rustkamer

Smart Vislift besturingscomputer

Zelflerend aan de hand van real-time metingen.
  • Vissenlokstroom

  • Extra grote rustkamer

  • Smart Vislift besturingscomputer

    Zelflerend aan de hand van real-time metingen.

    How it works

    Fish species differ in swimming power and speed. The water flow rate is therefore of great importance for fish to be able to migrate. If the water flow is too fast, migration is not possible for some fish species. Deviations from water levels and water flow within normal target levels and pollution in the fish passages contribute to varying water flow velocities and therefore to the sometimes impossible migration of a few fish species.

    The Smart Vislift solves this problem. Our solution offers almost every fish the right migration conditions. Partly due to the automatic control and thus the adjustment of the water flow rate. Smart Vislift offers fish migration based on water flow rate adjusted by artificial intelligence. This takes into account the different weather conditions, water quality, temperature and fish migration behaviour or migrating fish species.

    The Smart Vislift is designed by ourselves. However, the components and water management systems that make up the Vislift have been developed by proven parties known to the Water Boards: an innovation in fish migration, based on proven components.

    The theory

    Fish find their way through the reflection of impulses. When they receive these impulses, they feel locked up and threatened with them. Vislift has therefore developed a round fish passage in cooperation with water managers and ecologists. In this way, there is no hard reflection of impulses from the sides and they imagine themselves in a natural environment.

    Once the fish have swum in at the adjusted water flow rate, they end up in the round passage. This leads the fish through the interior, in the form of a clothoid helix, which leads the fish up a twisted staircase.

    Key advantages

    The advantages over existing fish passages are numerous. Not only for the fish, but for you as water managers.


    • Always the right flow rate in the fish passage

    • Takes up less space

    • Overcomes each barrier

    • No freshwater wastage, and savings on pumping costs

    • Easy "Plug & Play" placement

    • Intelligent

    • Gathers fish migration data automatically

    • Remote access and control

    • Automatic cleaning

    • Communicates with other Smart Fishlifts

    Wish to know more?

    We would like to explore with you the possibilities for technological fish migration with the Smart Fishlift for your fish migration obstacles. Feel free to contact us!